Large Cupcakes

Large Swirly Cupcakes start from £3.00 each

  • Chocolate with Chocolate & Vanilla swirl,  
  • Chocolate with Chocolate chip & Chocolate swirl
  • Lemon with Lemon swirl
  • Lemon with Vanilla swirl
  • Lime jelly with Vanilla swirl
  • Lime jelly with Cream cheese swirl
  • Coffee with Vanilla swirl
  • Vanilla with Vanilla swirl

Cupcakes come in batches of 6 so you may choose to have either all of the same flavour or 2 batches of 6 i.e. 6 coffee & 6 vanilla etc.
Cupcakes come in a variety of different cases and may also be themed for example Male, Female, Get well, Baby and Congratulations and of course ALL come with extra sparkle! Private messages may also be included.  Prices may vary depending on the level of complexity involved.

Small Cupcakes
Smaller Cupcakes start from £2.00 each and come in the same variety of flavours.

The Porcelain Fondant  range

However, when only our finest will do we have in conjunction with the Heritage Range our exquisite “Porcelain Fondant” range.

This is a beautifully hand crafted selection studded with edible Pearls or Diamonds with the added luxury of Real Gold

The Porcelain Fondant range starts at £3.50, though prices do vary depending on quantity.

The Porcelain Fondant  range of flavours come in a light Lemon or Vanilla sponge with a thin layer of butter cream covered over in a sweet layer of fondant icing topped lovingly with your choice of flowers with vintage pearls or clear edible diamonds. And again All come with added sparkle!